Monday, April 22, 2013

Hill Work for Triple T

[It's 10 am Central Standard Time and my Tough Mudder Death Waiver post has 53 view today...interesting.]

...and I suppose the Vino Fondo.

Triple T is less than a month away. If you don't know what that is and don't want to click on the link here is a breakdown:

Friday: Swim 250m, Bike 6k, Run 1 mile...kinda like a prologue for a stage bike race.

Saturday: AM SBR Oly followed by a PM Bike, Swim Run Oly

Sunday: Half Iron

Four races in one weekend is bad enough, especially with a half iron on Sunday. However, they go the extra distance and make all the races tough. Here are what the bike courses look like:

The Olympics

And the Half Iron...this is done twice

By themselves these races wouldn't be so bad. Throw them all together in one weekend and that complicates things a little more. To prepare, we've been doing the following rides:

Two weekends in a row as kind of a outdoor riding season primer

Making things a little tougher

And this past weekend, the toughest ride yet

I think this is one of the few Cat 4 climbs in the area.

Then the Vino Fondo is May 4th which has something like 9000 feet of climbing over 89 miles. For some reason I'm not too worried about it because I doubt anyone I'm riding with will be interested in going too fast. 

The difficult part about doing hilly races is St. Louis does not have long sustained climbs and the elevation change is relatively small. So, we've opted for quantity over quality so to say. It's also been cold here and riding downhill in 40 degree weather after breaking a sweat going uphill is not a pleasant feeling. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bike Repair for Anesthesiologists

First off, I'm shocked that I spelled anesthesiologists correctly the first try. Maybe it's because in high school I wanted to be one. I was talked out of it by my Aunt who is a nurse. She said I didn't want that kind of liability. Knowing myself, that was probably good advice. I imagine anesthesiology is not the profession to have a "let's see what happens" attitude.

Anyway, since the nurse is, well, a nurse, she reads doctor/nursing related blogs. One blog she reads is Doctor Grumpy, which is pretty funny even if you aren't in the medical field. His blog post today is about a conference in Australia being held for anesthetists. I guess he received a list of the courses you can sign up for. Two of the course are shown below.

So, if you're a doctor and would like to learn bike repair from a doctor, this conference might be for you. You can probably pick up some tips for keeping people alive for surgery as well.

I'd be interested to know if anyone signs up for just those two classes. Think about it, $50 for 90 minutes of a doctor's time? Where else can you find a deal like that?