Monday, June 18, 2012

All American 5K...PR

Since I was taking a little "break" in between race training and I got an email about a mostly downhill point to point 5k with a finisher medal, I figured I could work on my speed for a few weeks. Sadly, I only trained for about 2 1/2 weeks instead of the 5 weeks I should have. I thought it was funny that they were giving out medals for a 5K. I suppose it's a good motivator to get people running.

My previous 5k PR is about 27 minutes (keep in mind I weighed about 255 and weigh 242 now) I figured I should be able to put a decent dent in that time. Due to my lack of training, I've never actually trained for a 5k other than my first race ever, I figured I'd just go out at a sub 8 pace and hold on as long as I could. 

I managed 7:53 for the first mile, however it was all downhill. The second mile was rolling hills but had a decent incline that slowed everyone down. Mile 2 was 8:15. After that my legs wouldn't move as fast as I would have liked them to and I slowed to about 8:20 or so, then it was back uphill which killed third mile was heart rate was SOARING. I don't think I've kept it above 160 for that long. The finish was flat and I managed to pick it back up...not as much as some people but, I didn't plan on having much left at the finish.

25:54...Can't complain too much. Now I just need to knock off another 4 minutes by next April. 

Then I ran back to the start to get my run in for the day. I suppose I'll go with a "Shit Triathletes Say" reference as the reason I didn't break 25 minutes...

I rode a hard 40 miles Saturday and it was hot and humid on race morning.


  1. Ha, I thought it was funny that they were giving out medals as well. I almost signed up, but had to get my 7 miles in for the day and didn't feel like breaking up the mileage. Good work on the PR!!

  2. Congrats on the PR! You are speedy!