Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I feel like freakin Goldielocks...

Last weeks ride was really fast, to the point where I could barely keep up on the way out and couldn't hang on with the headwinds on the way back.

This past weekend, the ride was painfully slow on the way out. I kept thinking we would pick up the pace at some point but we didn't. There is nothing wrong with training at a slower pace but, I would have preferred to go a bit faster. I got my wish on the way back when two other guys felt the same way. The ride back was at least 50% faster.

Luckily the Thursday night rides are just about the perfect pace.

Anyone else feel like they have trouble keeping a comfortable pace in group rides?

Also, as it was the last week of open water swims (sadly) they decided to have a mass start race. I ended up finishing 42nd in about 19:30. Not very happy with this time as it was a 1k race but whatever, I almost decided  to go back to bed after I took the puppy out that morning.

Speaking of puppies...

Loki, with his life jacket that will last about a month, on the kayak

He only had to fall in the water 3 times before he realized he isn't the second coming (can't walk on water) and had to stay in the boat. I never thought I'd buy a dog a life jacket before buying one for myself.

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  1. I've had only brief experiences with group rides and I like them. Its nice when there are enough people so that they can be broken down into ability groups. I was lucky enough to have ridden with folks that all wanted to ride around the same pace.

    Thats funny about your dog wearing a life jacket. I guess he wanted to do some open water training too.