Friday, June 29, 2012

Group Ride Camaraderie

Last night I did the usual 25 mile Thursday night ride with the tri club, in 108 degree weather...113 if you were to consult my car's thermometer. "Hey, at least it's not humid" everyone said. They're right, I'd rather the temperature be over 100 degrees than 85-90 degrees and 90% humidity. The only problem is sweat evaporates so fast in that kind of heat. Oh well, good thing I bought arm coolers so I can look even weirder whilst riding. 

So, the ride appeared to be going fine until we were about 2 miles passed the halfway point of the ride. A point where everyone stops to regroup after several hills. One of the older gentlemen that rides with us stopped and asked me how my arm coolers worked. I didn't realize, since he was slightly behind me, that he didn't look so well. Two other people did and then asked if he needed some water, he was out, or salt tablets...The woman who asked about salt tablets also asked everyone else and then asked if anyone wanted Gu. She does this every ride and it's pretty awesome, shes like a rolling nutrition store. Anyway, we decided to stop for a few minutes even after he told us to just keep going. I realize he didn't want to hold everyone up but come on, we're all friends and not going to leave someone behind on a friendly ride no drop ride when they're struggling. 

After the few minutes we decided to just head to the gas station a little ways down the street and refuel. Then we slowed the pace a bit and all stuck together for the rest of the ride. He was very grateful that we stopped for him. It's kind of a no brainer, I'd probably want everyone to hold up a bit for me if I were having problems. I'd still feel bad that I held everyone up but, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. I did feel a little guilty about not offering him any of my water since I always try to carry more than I think I'll need but, I made a salt tab concoction in all my bottles because of the heat. I suppose I made up for it two weeks before when someone forgot their water bottle and I gave him mine...after the ride I found out it was almost all for naught as he put the bottle upside down in his cage. Good thing it wasn't open.

I think we're a much better group to ride with than the other club that starts in the same place as we do. This father and his son seem to have a goal of leaving everyone in their dust on their rides...we always have a sweeper.

Remember, help a fellow rider in day you might be in need. 

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  1. Wow, that is an awesome group. I would like to join a cycling group, but I get mixed reviews about some of them. To be honest, I am apprehensive because I am not sure I am at the point where I can keep up with some of the hard core cyclists.