Sunday, May 3, 2015

Long Distance Saddle for Clydesdales - Selle Anatomica

I'm resurrecting the blog for a single post because I have been fussing over a saddle for my road bike for a long time. I believe I have finally found one.

I weigh around 225 pounds and put a lot of pressure on the saddle. I tried a few different types of Adamo saddles since one of those worked on my tri bike. They didn't work well on my road bike. So, I finally went to the internet for help.

Basically, I Googled: "Long distance saddles for clydesdales." One result was the owner (a brevet rider) of an online bike part company that had tested many saddles. The other was a larger rider who does a lot of endurance riding in the mountains. Both spoke highly of a saddle company called Selle Anatomica. One of them said it was "like a pillow on a stick." The saddles are similar to Brooks leather saddles but less expensive.

I had always been skeptical of saddles without any padding because it didn't make any sense how a saddle without padding could be more comfortable. Then I though about how the leather would flex when you sit on it and provide more comfort than a stiff plastic saddle..maybe this isn't the case but it started to make sense. I figured I had nothing to lose and ordered the X-series.

After a 15 mile road ride and a 70 mile gravel ride, I think it's safe to say this is the best purchase for a bike I've ever made. At no point during the 70 mile ride was I uncomfortable on the saddle...other than getting bounced around and getting hit by the nose of the saddle.

The only two issues I had are: getting the tilt of the saddle correct takes some trial and error because the nose is very hard. I don't think this saddle would be very comfortable in the aero position unless you have a redshift adjustable seat post? Just a guess. The other issue is the uncovered laminated edges of the saddle. If you're not careful, it seems as though you could easily damage the edges.

If you're a bigger guy, or anyone for that matter, spend the extra money and give a leather saddle a shot.