Saturday, June 16, 2012

Race Conundrum

I've had my sights set on Branson 70.3 as it's about a 4 hour drive and renting a house would make it a nice little trip for September. Although, every time I mention I'm going to do Branson I hear "it's hilly." I always wonder why people make such a big deal out of hills. You'll be fine as long as you train for them which I have no problem doing. 

Anyway, today it was suggested to me again that I go to Club Nationals in Oklahoma City. At first I said no because I wanted to do a half, not an oly and both races are the same weekend. I knew the club was going to take care of getting our bikes down there so, it's not a bad deal. I also never bothered to look too closely at the Redman Tri (Club Nationals Race) website. Today, on my ride, it was pointed out to me that Redman also has a half. 

Now, I'm considering going to OKC and hanging out with the club the whole weekend. Branson is closer but it might be a bit more fun to race with the club. I'll need to decide by July 1st so I guess we'll see what I decide. 

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  1. Hilly is an understatement for Branson. I volunteered there a couple of years ago and the hills looked like mountains to me. that said, I'm considering adding it to my schedule this year.