Thursday, October 20, 2011

PTOS 5K Race Weekend!


It finally happened after months of waiting, the First Annual PTOS 5K. I guess all it took was the right group of determined people to pull this off. I’m glad I was one of them. Sadly I decided not to run since I’m tapering and I’m unsure of my knee.

The started early at 6am. The g/f and I got there in the dark and my roommate was there with the timing people. I had 450 bananas and 450 bottles of water in my car. In case you were wondering, that many bananas in your car overnight does not smell great. We got everything unloaded and then loaded the car back up with stuff for the water stop. Then went back out to set up the mile markers. The street was already marked off and the police had already showed up. Not sure why we had to pay them for 4 hours when the roads aren’t that busy and it doesn’t take that long to officially close off the roads. Anyway, I just sat around until the start since lugging all that stuff around was a decent amount of work.

The announcements came and we were ready to start right after the National Anthem…ummmm….right after the National Anthem….ok we’re having technical difficulties (the cord the sound guy had wouldn’t work on my ipod or iphone)…can anyone sing the National Anthem? Perfect! There’s the horn and they’re off.

Do not adjust your computer screen, that is in fact a police escort for the leader of our little 5K.


The start pictures came out horrible since they were directly into the sun and all I had was my iPhone.

Start 1

and one more

Start 2

I think this race had the highest percentage of participants wearing the race shirt. So much bad luck. After this picture I headed off to watch the last turn and was yelled at by the police for standing in the closed road. So much for trying to help.

About 15 minutes later the police escort was on the way back followed by the lead runner.

Return     Leader

It was great seeing everyone run by and we had a great cheering section from the high school volunteers. A few minutes after the g/f ran by I headed back towards the finish to see what was going on there.


Apparently the music sucked and my iPod was requested. Eye of the Tiger seemed to appease the crowd. If only I came to the finish earlier. Around an hour later the last finishers crossed the line to a big cheer. Then everyone still left moved to the Atrium for the awards ceremony. We had custom medals and prizes for the finishers…I’ll have to get a picture of the medals.


The race went off without a hitch, unless you count the National Anthem hiccup. Everyone had a great time and I still have people telling me they had a great time. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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