Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giro della Montagna

Every Labor Day weekend there is a 4 day bike race in St. Louis called the Gateway Cup. The tri club set up their tent for the Giro della Montagna on Sunday in "The Hill". If you're not from around here The Hill is an old Italian neighborhood in St. Louis. (Oddly enough I live a little bit higher than The Hill) There are a bunch of bakeries, Italian restaurants and shops. Yogi Berra grew up there. This year marks the 27th year the race has taken place.

Not a lot to say just some pictures...

Cat 5, 4, 3 and Women's 4/5

The Pup checking out the action

The guy in yellow won the Masters race by about 30 seconds. 

Pro Men Start

Pros Flying By right before turn 2

Pro Men's Finish

Quote of the day: 

Person: She rides just about everyday.
Me: A bike?

If this isn't funny put your mind in the gutter. 

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