Friday, July 29, 2011

It's So Hot Hot Hot!

Running this week has been a struggle. Marathon training is kind of a gamble...if you run a spring marathon you have to worry about snow during training, where I live, and then worry about an unexpected hot race day that you're not ready for. If you run a fall marathon in most parts of the country you have to deal with the heat and humidity during training but, it could pay off with a cooler race day.

After the tri on Sunday, which I still haven't done a post on, I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off. It seemed to be a good idea since my muscles were a little sore at times. Wednesday night I ran about 6 miles after dark with the temperature around 85 degrees and a lower humidity. I made it through this run without issue and only 20 ounces of water. Last night was a different story...I decided to bike for 30 minutes since I didn't want to wait until after dark to start working out so, I ventured to Hains Point for a few loops. Then I threw on my running shoes and headed towards The Mall. At this point, the sun had gone down but it was still 90 degrees with 70% humidity making it feel like 143 degrees for someone who is walking. ( I was pretty soaked by the third mile and had filled my water bottle once already and finished it. The plan was to run to the Lincoln Memorial and down The Mall to the front of the Capitol and back. This loop is around 4.25-4.5 miles if you run down Consitition until you get past the Washington Monument. By mile 4 my shoes were squishing wet and I needed a refill. I'm glad I decided to turn back before The Capitol since I finished my water again before the next water fountain.

After all was said and done I ran about 4.5 miles, walked .75 miles and drank maybe 60 ounces of water.

Pre-run weight: 252.8
Post-Run weight: wasn't even running for an hour.

With a 13, maybe 14 mile run tomorrow it'll be interesting to see how much weight I loose.

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