Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No Red and Fireworks

Saturday was the second time I’ve made it to the long runs with the Marathon Training program. It went much better than last week. Even though I still felt fine after I was urinating blood, the smart thing to do was stop…so I did. This weekend was much better, no red after the run. I’m still not sure about the distance, Mr. Garmin says just under 13 miles but mapmyrun and gmap both say 14 miles for the identical route. It was through a lot of trails so it’s possible it lost it’s signal and didn’t adjust the distance. Some of my miles are a little slow but they did involve walking up some steep hills.

For the 4th the G/F and I decided to ride down to the Potomac and watch fireworks! This turned out to be a great idea since the roads were packed. The Mt Vernon Trail from Crystal City to the 14th St or George Mason Bridge…(did you know this is the actual name of the bridge? A little trivia) was PACKED! I don’t remember the last time I’ve said “on your left" that many times. It was about a 3.5 mile ride with the ride back being even worse. We had to walk for a bit since no one was willing to move. The show only lasted 15 minutes, good thing we didn’t drive. It would have taken an hour at the least to get home.


I also noticed this in Men’s Health…I was reading the new one and my roommate happened to have a copy from 2009 in one of the bathrooms…

7 days8 Days

First pic is 2009, second is the current issue. I guess they figured out 7 days isn’t enough time to see results.

This weekend is the King Orthopedic Big Shark Triathlon outside of St. Louis, MO. Strangely, I’ll be renting a better bike than I currently own. Hopefully I’ll be able to refrain from buying a new bike when I get home.

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