Saturday, August 27, 2011

The F-ing CALM before the storm!



That is the current satellite image of Hurricane Irene and there is no bottled water in any of the grocery stores around here. I always seem to have two cases. Right now its raining and breezy and I managed to get a long run in this morning.

Now the F-ing is because I’m getting tired of my legs hurting so much after long runs. I’ve built up to the distance and have run 10-13 miles just about every Saturday since last Falls MCM. Two weeks ago I ran 17 miles and my legs didn’t hurt that badly. Today was 16 miles and I could barely stand still without falling over.

The run this week was 16 miles up the Capitol Crescent Trail, through the Palisades to Battery Kemble Park. Due to the impending doom about to occur, the run description on the website said, run to Battery Kemble and do as many loops as possible (Two) before the hurricane.


The run started off great even though it was 100% humidity and I could feel moisture accumulating on my key when walking to my car. Everything was going great, I made it to the giant hill at the bottom of the road to the park and ran/walked up it to try and save myself some problems later. Once you get to the top it’s a gravel road which leads to a trail through the woods. A lot of the people around there walk their dogs through the park early in the morning. On the second loop I saw a standard poodle with no leash and a muzzle. Even though the dog bites, it’s a good thing they let it off leash. At least they have the decency to put a muzzle on him/her…a stylish muzzle at that. Next up was the smaller female dog that kept jumping on me from behind, not sure what she was trying to do because every time I turned around she would run away. Maybe she wanted me to chase her.  I was almost out of the woods when she comes running up behind me and barking. I turn around and she immediately runs off….weird.

At mile 10 on the way back, I smelled bacon…”mmmm bacon!” I considered figuring out which house it was and asking them if I could buy some. Although, the houses around here are normal size houses which probably go for well over $1 million. Then around mile 14 it was walk/run the rest of the way since my heart rate wouldn’t stay down, my legs hurt and my head was hot. You would think after almost a year of running at least 10-13 miles a weekend my legs would be used to this….nope.

Oh well, at least I finished the route running. Now it’s time to batten down the hatches and see if all the hysteria is warranted. 

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