Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running Group Quotes

Said by two girls (between 25 and 30) and another guy at track when a 75-79 year old man from our running club was still running 800s long after we were done...

Girls: "Geez, he's still pumping them out!"

Guy: "He's probably been running longer than before both of you were born put together."

Said today on the long run...

Guy at water stop: "What are you training for?"
3 "older" people around the same time: "Life"

My coach from last year as he flies by me after starting an hour after me...

Dave: "Don't stop, I need help getting over the bridge."
Me: "You started an hour after me! I need more help than you."

Pace groups...

"7-7:30? 7:30-8? 8-8:30?"

Big Guy: "10:30...a sane pace for sane people."

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