Monday, January 16, 2012

De Slice is Nice!


I've had it for about almost a week but I didn't get around to taking pictures until last night. After a trip to Big Shark to get things fitted...which took 2 hours...and then a trip the next day to pick it up, the Slice is finally mine. Sadly it's been snowing here so I haven't been outside yet.


Aero bars

I decided to change things up a bit and see how things go with Look Keo Max pedals rather than Speedplay. For some reason I've always been concerned with the Speedplay cleats. They 3 or 4 pieces and I lost 2two screws from the same cleats one ride. I can feel the difference even on the trainer. The force is divided over more of my foot than the Speedplay pedals and my foot definitely feels more secure during the pull part of the stroke. The only downside is the Looks are a little tougher to clip into. Oh well, I should only be clipping in once during a race.


Today officially starts the first day of half-iron training and I started it off with 2000 meters in the pool. I ended up doing 3x500 as sort of a TT and then 500 of bilateral and right or left breathing. I still can't breathe correctly on my right side but, I'm getting better. It's always interesting who you'll find at the pool. Today there was a good mix...I jumped in a lane with a guy using swim paddles and flippers, I've read that using both is counterproductive. Then he left and another guy hopped in and we split the lane for a bit. After 10 minutes or so another guy wanted in so we swam circles. I'm not fast but I was lapped for the first time since starting at the Y. I think the other guy already in the lane was intimidated since he left after 100 meters. There was also a breaststroking middle age man and a woman who appeared to just be switching between vertical swimming and floating on her back and splashing a lot. Glad I wasn't in that lane. The YMCA seems to be dominated by aqua aerobics least there is a water slide on the weekends!

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  1. I really like the YMCA, but yeah, I always have to check the schedule to see when those aqua aerobics classes will be in session.

    Btw, that is a nice bike. I was down to a Slice or a P2. I ended up with the P2, but the Slice would have been just a good of a choice. I came down to the bike shop owner who I personally know. He did not sell the Slice.