Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year of Training and Races!

I can’t wait to start working out in the new year…
and the crowded gyms with all the resolutioners. Hopefully they stick with it.

I’m pretty excited that I’m not planning on doing any running specific races. I would have loved to try a half-iron last year but I wanted to focus on the MCM since I didn’t know triathlons were going to be that exciting. I haven’t set a race schedule yet other than Rev 3 Knoxville but here is the projected plan for this year.
Tri-Poison: 5k run, 20k bike, 1k swim, then a Sprint Tri
Rumpass in Bumpass – Oly (April)
Rev 3 Knoxville – Half (May)
DC Tri – Sprint (June)
New Town Triathlon - Almost an Oly (July)
Maybe another Half iron in the fall depending on how Knoxville goes.
As many weekly cycling races as I can enter…there are a ton in St. Louis. I’m excited to do a TT on a TT bike.
If things go well maybe I’ll be allowed to buy a cyclocross bike and hit up those races in the fall…we’ll see.
Even though I’m not married I think the following formulas still apply.
x = (n+1)
n = number of bikes currently owned, x = ideal number of bikes owned

y = (n+1)
n = number of bikes currently owned, y= number of bikes that will result in a divorce

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