Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DC Tri Cancelled :-(

It was announced today that the DC Triathlon on June 19th is cancelled. Sad news...from : "The event, which is held on National Parks Service property, was recently denied the required Parks Service permit for the 2012 race." I found out on Slowtwitch, where posters were quick to blame WTC due to blatant hatred for the company. Since the race isn't run by WTC there is no reason to blame them since they only license the  race for their 5i50 series.

It was later stated:
"According to Carol Johnson, a spokesperson for Washington's National
Mall and Memorial Parks.
The permit was denied because it was in violation of the park's policy not
to hold any foot races between the Memorial Day and Fourth of July
holidays. The parks had made an exception the past two years.
"Because of a number of things going on in the parks this year, it was 
necessary to enforce the policy. It had nothing to do with who applied for it." 

I can't say I'm entirely upset because:
A. I don't live in DC anymore
B. I was considering racing since some of my friends are doing it but, I hate the bike course since it's so crowded.
C. Logistics were a P in the A.

I do feel bad mainly because the race was a big "first-timer" race and DC is the fittest city with possibly the largest tri community in the US.

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  1. Wow, I am sure a lot of folks were disappointed.