Friday, March 30, 2012

Changing Up the Training Plan...again

I came up with my Half-Iron training plan back in October since I figured I read so many articles and website about triathlons it shouldn't be a problem. Basically I studied a bunch of training plans and came up with what I thought would be best for me and what would fit my schedule based on when I liked to do certain workouts. I also thought that Biking on Saturday and Running on Sunday made senseThen at the end of February, I found the Simple 70.3 Training Plan on Triathlete's website and made a couple relatively big changes. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but, I feel more confident about it and it's been going well.

The big changes were:

-Adding one more 60 mile ride at the end of April so I wouldn't peak too soon.

-Changing the days I swim.

-Switching my Bike and Run days...mainly my track workout.

-Running on Friday and making Monday a rest day/
(I was just swimming on Monday but it makes sense to swim once over the weekend and rest on Monday after a big weekend)

My schedule for the remainder of training looked like this...I didn't change the swim workouts since I have a different list for those. Also, the minutes for the long rides and runs are estimates and the total times are off.

 Then I bought the Triathlete's Training Bible. I knew about the Triathlete's Training Bible at the time I made my plan but I never bought it. I hit the part about structuring your workouts and it said something that I never considered...You shouldn't do your long runs on tired legs especially if you're prone to running injuries. Running on Sunday with tired legs won't necessarily simulate running in a tri. Brick workouts will. Running on Saturday and Biking on Sunday shouldn't effect your race. All along I figured it would be best to run the day after biking but, I never considered I could be setting myself up for an injury. I suppose since I've been running for a little over 4 years and I've had 3 running injuries (none that were serious) I could be prone to getting them.

Running on fresher legs seems like a much better idea even though I'll have to switch my Bike and Run days. Therefore, long runs will now be on Saturday and long rides will be on Sunday. I should have known this would happen since it's my first attempt at a HIM.

On the plus side, I have been vigilant about recovery on Saturday so THIS doesn't happen again.

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  1. You know, I have changed my training plans so many times that I finally decided that I wasn't ready for a 70.3. I know what you mean about fitting everything into a schedule to allow for work and, well, life in general. Btw, I also bike on Saturday and run on Sunday. Now I will have to re-think that.