Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's that time of year again

Even though it's going to be a high of 58 today, I'm heading out for the first open water swim of the year. No clue what the water temperature will be. Luckily when I was little and lived in Massachusetts, my grandparents pool rarely made it above 70 degrees. It usually hovered around 68 degrees all summer.

I pulled out the wetsuit and soaked it for about 5 minutes since it's been hanging up all winter...and most of the summer and fall. It can't be as bad as the ice baths I've been taking. 


  1. Brrrrrr.... I am lucky to do all my OWS in Hawaii for sure.

  2. Where are you doing OWS so early? I live near St. Louis across the river in Edwardsville.

    1. Swim Bike Run is doing open water swims at Lake Aspen in Innsbrook every other Thursday. It's $25 or $30 depending on whether or not you're a tri club member. It turned out to be great, the water was probably around 70.