Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lazy Thursday

This morning I could not get out of bed. I woke up to go to the bathroom at about 7am and wasn't sure if I would make it there. I was accused of having Mono and making out with random girls. Anyways, I finally dragged myself out of bed at 11 and made it to work at noon. Luckily I have a flexible schedule so no one cares.

My present state of body is more than likely due to running at the track last night. I didn't drink any Gatorade during or after like I normally do so I probably needed electrolytes...because Brawndo's got electrolytes...Anyways, this week has consisted of swimming on Monday which went very well. I finished my first workout of more than 2000 yards with 300 and 200 yard sets. I really hate kicking drills though, they seem to take forever. Tuesday was Abs and Spin class. No 6 pack yet but, I'm not sore anymore and I can make it through the whole class without having to stop. Also, if you've never used Gliders for an abs workout I recommend giving it a try, they're pretty tough. Spinning went as it always does, I power through without any problems and left a puddle of sweat on the bike and mat. We did a few sprints and hills which was challenging, mainly the sprints since my legs seemed to tighten up after them. I always wonder how much resistance other people in the class are using.

Track was great last night, not a lot of people. We were trying to decide if the lack of people was due to Boston or the threat of major thunderstorms (which never happened). I doubt that many people from the track groups ran Boston on Monday. The workout was 4-5x1000 @ 5K pace with a 400m rest. I chose to do 4 as did a lot of other people since I still didn't finish before them. I think my average pace was around 8:25/mile which isn't bad considering all this muscle I have to carry around...I've been dying to use that line but haven't had the oppotunity. After track I was talking with the fast people and one of them was telling me about the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC which I considered doing this past year. If you don't know what this is, I suggest you google'll either be sick or thank me. Basically, it's 2 mile out and 2 mile back but, after the 2 mile out you have to eat 12 Krispy Kreme donuts then run back. The guy I was talking to said it wasn't that bad until the masses of people showed up at the donuts. He managed to keep them down on the way back, I was impressed. Then we were talking about costumes during races and how one guy runs this marathon every year dressed as a lighthouse made of wood with a functioning that again if you have to. I have problems running a marathon in running clothes and this f-ing guy is doing them faster than me wearing a wooden box.

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