Friday, December 9, 2011

Icy Iron

Recently, I moved to St. Louis to be closer to the g/f (she moved back here a little while ago) and since I have the ability to work from home full time it wasn't much of an issue. Unless you count dealing with people on Craigslist who don't show up when they say they'll buy your stuff and having to deal with another slew of emails and calls, towing a 12 ft. trailer through the mountains of WV while dealing with tractor trailers who think going 20 mph over the speed limit is safe (maybe a physics class should be a requirement for your CDL) and having to stop for gas every 180 miles as issues. It was well worth it. In St. Louis I have a 2 bedroom house for about $600/month LESS than a 1 bedroom apartment in DC. Although, that was money well spent on an apartment since I loved living there.

Within 2 weeks of moving here I already joined the St Louis Triathlon Club, giving me dual club membership since I'm still a DC Tri Club member...I wonder how similar this is to having dual-citizenship? If my dad had bothered to get his Irish citizenship before I was born, I'd be able to tell you. Anyway, the first thing I did, before even meeting anyone from the club, was sign up for the Icy Iron. I believe there is a nationwide competition related to this but basically, you have 6 weeks to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run a marathon. It doesn't sound very difficult considering one has 6 weeks rather than 17 hours to complete the distance. It's mainly to keep people motivated during the winter...I signed up for the Double Iron so I would be extra motivated.

I've already logged a decent amount of miles considering it's the off season and half-iron training doesn't start for another couple weeks. They use a google spreadsheet to keep track of progress. It started on Monday and I got a little excited after my first swim Monday morning and submitted my distance right away. Then I realized I should probably bundle everything once or twice a week so I'm not making 10-15 submissions. I checked the spreadsheet right after my submission and I would love to know how someone managed to swim 2 miles, bike 20 and run 15 ALL BEFORE 10am on a Monday!

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