Monday, December 12, 2011

A lazy weekend and Cyclocross


For some reason this weekend I decided to not do a long run. I could have gone for one yesterday morning but was not in the mood. I had already planned on going to the last race in the Bubba Memorial Cyclocross series at Spanish Lake Park in St. Louis.


With that being said, I love living much closer to the g/f but, the only downside to not living in DC anymore is there isn’t anywhere near the number of triathlons here. In DC there seemed to be multiple sprint or oly tris within diving distance. There were also a good number of halfs and fulls as well. Probably due to the number of triathletes. I believe the DC Tri Club has over 1000 member while the STL Tri Club has over 100. The area isn’t as densely populated either.


One thing I did find out is there is a Cyclocross race series around here. I’ve been itching to try it but this season was not the time because I would rather buy a new Tri Bike than a cyclocross bike. Maybe next year.


I drove about 30 minutes to check out the last race in the series. The races started at Noon but, I didn’t care to watch the Women’s race (no offense ladies) or the Cat 4 and single speed racers. I figured the B race would provide the most variety and the A race would be boring after 2 laps.



The course seemed simple enough with a decent amount of technical turns several long straightaways and 2 jumps…that I didn’t see anyone bunny hop. Check out the video.


After the race I rode about 10 miles on the trainer and called it a weekend.

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  1. Ok, I admit it... I don't know what a cyclocross is?!?!?