Thursday, October 18, 2012

Techno Thursday

I work in the intellectual property world and have excellent research skills so, after my last post I started thinking I should have a regular post about inventions, related to triathlon, which people and companies are trying to patent. I figure this post will either be on Tuesday or Thursday since technology starts with a "T" and so do those two days of the week. Pretty clever, wouldn't you say?

First I'd like to make everyone aware of something they've been doing since they were little that they could be sued for...

...swinging on a swing. Yes, someone has a patent for a "method of swinging on a swing." I have no clue how this happened but, it was slightly embarrassing for the Patent Office when it was picked up in the news. If you were actually sued, there is no way the patent would hold up in court so don't worry. 

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