Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Techno Tuesday -Wearing Your Watch on Your Shoe

I came across the Bicycle Ice Cream Maker by chance and that got this whole thing started. Since I work in intellectual property and I'm into triathlons, I decided to dedicate some posts to inventions submitted for a patent which are related to swimming, biking and running. 

Here is a device for wearing your watch on your shoe. 

This isn't really triathlon related but it reminded me of the 310XT quick release when I came across it. Its fairly simple although this could be accomplished by wrapping the wrist band around your laces like a D-Tag.

So, if you want to wear your watch on your shoe rather than your wrist while you're running this device is for you. One might think, "why the hell would I want to put it on my shoe? I won't be able to see the screen." The only reasonable explanation I have would be, if you want to do a run by feel instead of heart rate or pace but still want to record your run data...if you don't have a pocket...or the sense to cover your watch or wear it under your wrist.

These posts will get more interesting, don't worry.

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