Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC Marathon

As I'm sure everyone knows the decision to continue with plans for the NYC Marathon after the city has been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy is highly controversial. I can understand both sides of the argument but, it's an iconic race. When 45,000 people have been training for 4-6 months and the New York Road Runners have probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on the race, it's difficult to just scrap the race plans if a race is possible. Everyone should also keep in mind that some people depend on the race as a source of income since the prize money is so large. Who knows, it might help restore some normalcy and hope to the city in the midst of the chaos.

The reason I'm writing this is because of a post, which I thought was very thoughtful, on Pacers Running Store's Facebook page:

Important information for those who may be traveling to NYC this weekend for the marathon:

A number of Pacers people traveled via airplane yesterday with little to no delays or incidents. Once on the ground though, there are significant delays in cabbing/driving to any location within the city (upwards of an extra two hours of time). Most of lower Manhattan is still without power, so double check with your hotel. If your hotel is without power or other basic necessities, is offering rooms for as low as $10 a night to help mitigate the aftermath of Sandy. Most importantly, if you plan to drive into Manhattan (or any borough) there is NO GAS at all in the city. Yesterday, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I witnessed lines to a gas station stretch for over two miles and last for over five hours, only for most in line to be denied gas once it ran out. Most gas stations simply don't have gas and are not getting gas any time soon - bring extra in gas cans! 

Most importantly, if you are staying in Queens or Brooklyn and need to get to the marathon expo either today or tomorrow it appears the East River Northbound Ferry is the best option. Those staying in Brooklyn can get on the Northbound Ferry at N 6th St & the waterfront in Williamsburg with free transfers from the Southbound ferry at this location (ride is $4 cash only). Those staying in Queens can get on the Northbound Ferry at Hunters Point South/Long Island City. Get off at E. 34th St/Midtown and travel by free shuttle down 34th St til the end of the shuttle, then walk a few more blocks to the Jarvis Center. Lines have been long during rush hour, but significantly shorter than bus/shuttles that leave directly from Brooklyn or Queens, which have had lines of over 1,000 people lasting many hours. 

Hopefully this information helps. If anyone else is traveling and has any good tips, knowledge of huge delays or traffic jams, please help others traveling from the DC/NoVa area to NYC and post that information here!

...I've been lazy about posting but, I'm trying to get a post up about Pedal the Cause from about a month ago.

***Updated at 6PM EST on the posting date***

I guess I was a couple hours early with this post since the race has been cancelled. Like I said before, as a runner (triathlete as I've been told during a running for triathletes clinic) I can understand the decision to hold the race. As a human being I can also understand the decision to cancel the race.

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