Friday, August 24, 2012

The Mysterious Rolls

Everybody poops, even dogs. Therefore, every morning I take Loki for a walk around the block so he can perform this task since he hasn't quite mastered performing it in the back yard in a timely manner. Most mornings, about 3 houses down, I come across this or a similar site...some sort of  flour based product which has been leavened with yeast, in the front yard. (Try reading that sentence without the last comma and it might sound like someone is making bread in their front yard.)

Today they appeared to be dinner rolls. The other day it was hot dog buns. This happens at least 3 times a week and I have yet to see anyone put the rolls in the yard nor have I come across any of the occupants to ask what the rolls are for.

Using logic, I have to conclude there is at least one small child in the house attempting to feed the group of rabbits that terrorize the neighborhood. I say terrorize because most nights the dog sits at the door to go out front every 10-15 minutes to see if the rabbits are there and attempt to stalk and I assume eat them. His attempts have been unsuccessful because he is on a leash and neither of us can accelerate fast enough to catch the rabbits. I have considered letting him loose to try and catch one but, I don't want to be responsible for the clean up if he is successful...I suppose I could make a stew. He  hasn't quite figured out how to stalk as he slowly takes a few steps and waits for the rabbit to run rather than getting as close as possible before making his move. It's fun to chase them but sadly, I'm going to have to break this behavior so he can be walked off leash in the future and so I'm not going outside every 15 minutes. (I take him out so often because this is how he lets us know he has to "go" so, if I stop taking him out I'm worried he'll start going in the house.)

Anyway, Loki also likes the rolls. He also sees them on our walks and goes after them just as he does with the rabbits...minus the whole stalking thing. He has also be unsuccessful in this plight. Mainly because I don't want him eating that many carbs.

This could potentially be a hilarious situation if the parents don't want their kid(s) throwing rolls on the front lawn but they run into this kitchen, grab the rolls, and throw them outside. Maybe someone in the house gets pissed about the rolls because they're doing the Atkins diet and doesn't want to be tempted.

I hope it's the rabbit theory. If it is the parents might want to teach their kids what rabbits eat. When I had a rabbit growing up we fed him carrots and celery, not bread.

Although I'm putting this family on notice...I may let Loki eat the carrots if you start leaving carrots on the front lawn.

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  1. Wow, a real mystery! I can't wait til you crack the case!