Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Training in Temperature Extremes

I have a policy that I try to uphold when it comes to training. It is never too hot or too cold to train. I've run and biked in 100+ degree weather with a bike ride while it was 105. I think I saw less than 10 other idiots people dumb dedicated enough to be out there in that weather on the 8 mile trail. I've also gone for a run during a blizzard in DC. That was actually one of the most fun runs I have ever done since it involved running across the frozen reflecting pool.

St. Louis has been having an extreme heat wave with temperatures regularly over 100 degrees. This weekend that is supposed to change. Here are the highs for this weekend:

Friday: 82
Saturday: 83
Sunday: 87

Great weather for training. I might actually need a jacket to walk the dog one morning. The only downside...every casual walker and biker and their mother will be out. The only thing I hate about decent weather. While I can't get mad at them for getting out there and exercising, it is a bit annoying...You're out there running and biking in the freezing cold and heat all alone with the trails all to yourself, then with the first hint of nice weather BAM, the trails are a zoo. Really the only solution is to wake up earlier than everyone else.

Does anyone else sometimes dread the return of nicer weather?


  1. Our weather is almost always great training weather all year round. So everyone is out in force everyday. I am used to it. In fact, I am sure others look at me and think... "well, there is another idiot ruining my day"! Haha!

  2. Haha, I still try to be courteous to people but you're probably right...I walk my dog at the same time every morning and see 1 or 2 people running when it has been over 80 at 7am. Today it was 60 and I saw 10 people running...go figure.