Saturday, August 4, 2012

Women's Olympic Triathlon

Did anyone stay up for this? I know one of the tri shops around here is having a computrainer class to watch the men's race but the women's race was at a crappy time. I considered staying up but, I wanted to wake up to bike. There was rain in the forecast but, I figured the rain would hold off as it normally does around here. Sadly it didn't and I haven't biked yet today. So, I could have stayed up to watch. Through the magic of the DVR, I watched the race this morning.

Too bad for Gwen Jorgensen, it looked like she flatted and lost any chance of catching back up.

It was great to see Sarah Groff finish 4th. I was hoping she could at least pull out a bronze but, it was clear she was struggling to hang on inside of 1k. The sprint at the finish left her in the dust. Given the popularity of triathlon in the US when compared to the rest of the world, 4th place is pretty good.

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